Value Added TAX (VAT)

What is Value Added TAX “VAT”?
Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax that is being introduced by the UAE Government, which will be payable by both business and Individuals. Tasleem will comply with this Government mandate and the standard VAT will apply to all our services.

Why is the UAE Government implementing VAT?
VAT is being introduced by UAE Government as part of a national strategy to ensure the continued provision of high quality services for the country’s citizens and residents.

When will VAT come into effect and at what rates?
Starting from 1st January 2018, VAT will be effective at a standard rate of 5% on all our services & charges except for Security Deposit charges.

Is it compulsory to pay VAT?
Yes. Exceptions to VAT are only by law, and these are published by the Federal Tax Authority.  For further details, please visit

I am a Villa/Apartment Owner and I have registered with the UAE Federal Tax Authority and have received my certificate and Tax registration Number (TRN), do I need to share this with Tasleem?
Yes, once you receive your Tax Registration Number (TRN) you are kindly requested to send this to us. This is important for us to update your account details, and ensure that your TRN is reflected on our monthly tax invoice. The inclusion of your Tax Registration Number (TRN) on our bill is required for you to claim back the incurred VAT within your VAT return.

How can I share my Tax Registration Number with Tasleem?
In the coming weeks, we will provide you with further information and details so you can easily share your Tax Registration Number with us.

Where can I find Tasleem Tax Registration Number?
Tasleem’s Tax Registration Number is 100014181000003.