Your re-occurring charges include three components:

    • Metering and billing charge: A monthly charges for the maintenance of your cooling service meter and the administration of customer services, billing, and collections.
    • Consumption charge: Cooling service consumption is measured through the cooling service meter. The first and last meter reading appear on your invoice and are multiplied by the usage rate to determine this charge.

Fees and Charges exclusive VAT 5%:

Variable Charges
Consumption Charge AED 0.320 per RTh AED 0.320 per RTh
Credit Card Payment Charge Nil Nil
Fixed Charges
Monthly Billing Service Charge AED 25 AED 25
Security Deposit
Residential – up to 1 Bedrooms AED 1,000 Nil
Residential – 2 Bedrooms AED 1,200 Nil
Residential – 3 Bedrooms or more AED 1,500 Nil
Commercial/Retail Nil AED 5,000
New Customer Registration AED 150 AED 250
Reconnection due to Late payment AED 1,000 AED 2,000
Cheque – Insufficient funds AED 75 AED 75
Direct Debit – Insufficient funds AED 75 AED 75
Reconnection after 3pm business days and after hours AED 500 AED 750
External Valve Suspension(1) AED 7000 AED 7000
Replacement of meter due to tampering AED 4,000 AED 4,000
Unauthorized meter tampering AED 1,000 AED 1,000

(1) If  meter access is obstructed by the occupant, Tasleem reserves the right to install a meter and suspension valve elsewhere. Costs for such cases will be payable by the occupant and are upwards of AED7,000. 


<strong>How can I register?</strong>

You can apply through Tasleem online portal by completing the cooling connecting form.
<li>Enter your unit details.</li>
<li>Fill up your personal details and agree on the Cooling service agreement.</li>
<li>Upload your required documents.</li>
<li>Pay the security deposit and registration fees.</li>
<li>For reconnection after hours weekdays, weekends, and public holidays a premium fee will apply. Kindly refer to the charges page.</li>
If you prefer to register in person, you can visit Tasleem’s Customer Service locations, and provide the following:
<li>Tasleem cooling services agreement to be completed and signed</li>
<li> A copy of valid Emirates ID or passport.</li>
<li>A copy of the tenancy contract/ownership agreement</li>
<li>Security deposit based on bedroom type and registration fees (residential).</li>
<li>For reconnection after hours weekdays, weekends, and public holidays a premium fee will apply. Kindly refer to the charges page.</li>
<strong>What are the required documents to register a company?</strong>
<li>Tasleem cooling services agreement to be completed and company stamp.</li>
<li>Copy of company Trade License.</li>
<li>Copy of valid Emirates ID or passport of the authorized person.</li>
<li>Power of attorney.</li>
<li>Copy of the tenancy contract/ownership.</li>
<li>Vat certificate.</li>
<li>Security deposit.</li>
<li>For reconnection after hours weekdays, weekends, and public holidays a premium fee will apply. Kindly refer to the charges page.</li>
<strong>How much is the Registration fee and Security Deposit?
</strong>Please refer to our charges section of this website.


<strong>What are Tasleem payment methods?</strong>
The payment can be made by using Tasleem mobile application, Autopay, Samsung pay, or Tasleem online portal otherwise visit any of our locations.

<strong>I want to make a payment online or by using the mobile application.</strong>
You are required to have an active account with Tasleem to be able to make payment on the application and self-service portal via our homepage. Download our application to register.

<strong>How do I know what my balance is?</strong>
You will be receiving a monthly bill, also logging into Tasleem mobile application, and on the online portal.

<strong>When will my payment reflect on my account?</strong>
All payments can take up to 1 business day to process.  If you don’t see your balance updated in these timeframes, please email our customer service.

<strong>Can I request a statement of my account?</strong>
Yes. All your invoices and financial transactions are available on Tasleem online portal and Tasleem mobile application.

<strong>What is the New Premise Establishment Charge for?</strong>

When provisioning a new premise into our systems, we create a unique identifier linking the premise, it’s size, and the meter so that individual billing can occur.

<strong>Who will pay New Premise Establishment Charge?</strong>

The establishment charge is payable by the first private owner who is not a master developer or an affiliate.


<strong>What is the invoice breakdown?</strong>
The invoice consists of Consumption, Capacity, and any transaction fees are listed separately.

<strong>What is Consumption?</strong>
Cooling services used by the household.

<strong>What are capacity service charges and how are they calculated?</strong>
Capacity service charge is the cost allocated to providing the cooling to your premise. This is a fixed cost calculated based on the size of your premise. It will appear monthly on your invoice.

<strong>What is the overdue amount?</strong>
Any unpaid balance that is past the due date.

<strong>How do I request a copy of my invoice?</strong>
All the invoices will be available on the Tasleem mobile application and Tasleem online portal.

<strong>I am an owner, and the unit is vacant why am I still receiving invoices and reminders.?</strong>
Tasleem move-out policy requires NOC from the vacating party; if the tenant moved out and the unit is vacant, bills will be automatically transferred to the owner’s account until it’s leased again.

<strong>Why both owner and tenant are required to pay the security deposit in case of re-connection?</strong>
Security deposit is required for new account openings, existing accounts included. Security deposit perceives Tasleem’s rights in case the customer vacated the premise without settling their obligated charges.

<strong>I received an estimation invoice how the estimation is calculated?</strong>

Tasleem determines the estimation calculation based on the average usage for similar-sized units to your unit.  If you are receiving estimate invoices, our team will be calling to you arrange a meter inspection to fix it.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly to arrange an appointment.


<strong>Suspension of the cooling services?</strong>
Paying on time will prevent the suspension of the cooling service. A suspension will occur when the overdue bill is not paid.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4055″ src=”” alt=”Suspension and re-collection” width=”624″ height=”208″ />

For re-connection of the cooling service:
For a registered customer payment of the overdue amount and service reconnection fees will be applicable. In case the meter was inaccessible, and an external suspension is required additional fees of AED 7000 will be applicable.
Service reconnection will be completed on the same day during business hours, or the following business day if your payment is received after business hours.
If you require reconnection outside of working hours after 3:30 PM, during weekends or a public holidays, a premium service fee charge will be applicable, kindly refer to our charges section on the website.

The unregistered customer must register by providing:
<li>Tasleem cooling services agreement to be completed and signed.</li>
<li>A copy of valid Emirates ID or passport.</li>
<li>A copy of the tenancy contract/ownership agreement</li>
<li>Security deposit and registration fees.</li>
<strong>MOVE OUT PROCESS</strong>

<strong>What moving out process?</strong>

You can apply through Tasleem online portal or Tasleem mobile application by Submitting:

For Tenant:
<li>ADDC clearance, or NOC from the owner.</li>
<li>Pay your final invoice.</li>
For Owners:
<li>ADDC clearance, or NOC from the owner.</li>
<li>Pay your final invoice.</li>
<li>Registration of the new owner.</li>
If you prefer to cancel your account in person, you can visit Tasleem’s Customer Service locations, and provide the following documents:
<li>ADDC clearance or NOC from the owner.</li>
<li>A copy of valid Emirates ID or Passport A copy of your tenancy contract or ownership agreement.</li>
<li>Tasleem cooling service agreement.</li>
<strong>What is the Tasleem clearance process?</strong>
The Customer needs to make sure that all outstanding amounts are settled after the final bill has been generated.  A formal clearance certificate will be available for customers two business days from settlement.

<strong>When do I get my security deposit back?</strong>
The security deposit will be processed within ten working days.

<strong>Can I transfer my security deposit from an old account to a new one under Tasleem billings?</strong>
Both units should be under Tasleem billing to get it transferred from one account to another.

<strong>Can I authorize someone else to collect my refund on my behalf?</strong>
Yes, when closing your account add the bank account of the person you would like to receive your refund.

For Khalifa A Buildings:

P/2906, P/2905, p/2907, p/2911, p/2909, p/2910, p/2908, p/2937, p/2951, p/1075


INFORMATION OF KHALIFA A  BUILDINGS  (P/2906, P2905, P/2907,P/2911, P/2909, P/2910, P/2908, P/2937,P/2951, and P/1075)


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